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Welcome to Grenada in the Eugenia Era

This site was designed in order to bring to light, events that occurred during the Grenada Revolution in the Eugenia Era. It reveals information retrieved from fact finding missions about the the real reasons behind the actions of the Caribbean states and the United States. This information was located in response to questions such as the following:

  1.  What communication occurred between the United States, Dominica and Grenada before during and after the time of the invasion?

  2. How many Dominican troops were sent to Grenada and what is the present population of Dominicans living in Grenada?

  3. What ties did previous Prime minister of Dominica Patrick John have with Grenada and for how long were those ties present?

What can you expect: This project takes on the form of a knowledge site that will make public information that would otherwise not have been accessible. On this site archived materials will be attainable and detailed analyses of this data in comparison to present time conditions is carried out.