The Grenada Revolution

During the time period of 1974 to 1984 was a critical time for the island of Grenada. The New Jewel Movement arose as a result of the peoples view that the governing power of the country was unjust and was no making suitable use of his power. They overthrew the government and the People's Pevolutionary Government came into power. They operated with little problems until the year of 1983 where a power struggle resulted in the placing of Maurice Bishop under house arrest.. Power over the island then went to Bernard Coard. Maurice Bishop was then freed and subsequent evets led to theĀ  killing of Maurice Bishop-then Prime Minister of Grenada- and seven other persons who were seen as loyal to him. After the killings a new government was formed called the "Revolutionary Military Council" who had contol over the country for six days in total. The intervention of other and Caribbean countries with the assistance of the United States led to the restoration of a democratic system. Read this exhibit for more detailed information of the Grenada Revolution.