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Research Proposal

Politics and Civil Discourse in the Eugenia Era: Dominica’s Involvement in the Grenada Revolution.

Part 1





Part 2: Research Questions

  1. What communication occurred between the United States, Dominica and Grenada before during and after the time of the invasion and why did they happen?  This would help in answering why the ise was so prompt to answering the request and reveal possible other motivations to Dominica wanting to help Grenada.

  2. How many Dominican troops were sent to Grenada and what is the present population of Dominicans living in Grenada? This would help in answering how deeply Dominica would have wanted to get involved in the situation that occurred in 1983 and whether invasion resulted in migrations to further diplomatic relations in Grenada.

  3. What ties did previous Prime minister of Dominica Patrick John have with Grenada and for how long were those ties present? This would help to answer whether the previously attempted coup in Dominica would have anything to do with Dominica’s participation in the Grenada invasion.

Part 3:

This digital publication will take on the form of a knowledge site that will make public, information that otherwise persons would not have been aware of. Apart from digital research files and documents that surfaced during those times would be tried to be made public. An example of a primary source that has already been identified is a recording of the radio announcement that was made by Hudson Austin after the killing of Maurice Bishop. On the site will be mappings of original landing areas in Grenada of American and Caribbean troops. Timelines of Dame Eugenia’s acts during that time will be made available and public. Attempts will be made to make available posters and public notices of the day with interactive texts. If possible interviews will be conducted of people who were at the time in close contact with the late Dame Eugenia Charles.  If any retrievable audio recordings of communications can be made retrieved they will be made available.